A Word About Dolores

I was first introduced to the work of Dolores Cannon through her books. Her books are riveting. Once you start reading them, you realize that this author is honest, sincere, very straightforward and that she is telling the truth.

She is meticulous in presenting the material accurately. All of the content of her books came from her clients, who shared what was coming to them under past life regression sessions with her.

Dolores establishes a bond with her readers that is unforgettable. That’s why many people, when they start reading one of her books, will say: “Once I opened the book and began reading, I literally couldn’t put it down.”

Her books present new concepts and ideas in a very down to earth, and easy to read way.

I was introduced to her books when I started reading her Nostradamus Trilogy about 10 years ago. Then her Convoluted Universe books began appearing, which detailed her work with Quantum Hypnosis and the information she discovered by regressing those who came to see her.

Dolores passed away on October 19, 2014 at the age of 83.

She had an inquisitive and inquiring mind, that was not afraid to ask questions. She wrote 20 books and others are in the works, from material she left in her daughter Julia’s hands.

A good introduction to her work might be the Convoluted Universe Series. If you’d like to see what she has written, take a look at the books in the Bookstore above. There are three pages of books by Dolores – 21 books altogether including one by Julia Cannon on the last page called “Soul Speak: The Language of the Body“.

You can order them from Amazon by clicking on any of the book covers above.

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