Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary

Happy 24th Birthday Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary!

Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary – formerly known as Gaia Garden Apothecary – located at 2672 W. Broadway in Vancouver, has been an active part of the Vancouver and Lower Mainland Community for almost a quarter of a century. Gaia celebrated their 24th Anniversary on March 17th, 2016 and I was there to join in the celebrations.

Gaia is unique in that, when you walk into the store, you are greeted by the same knowledgeable and caring herbalists who formulate the herbal tinctures on the shelves. And they are available to answer your questions.

Gaia Garden
At Gaia the Emphasis is on Whole Body

Gaia is all about increasing your vitality, and doing so through natural means at an affordable cost. March 17th was a special Customer Appreciation Day with 15% off all purchases and free energy treatments.

The herbalists at Gaia believe that the human body has the innate capacity to heal itself given the right environment, lifestyle, proper nutrition, and the application of natural herbal remedies to take care of health issues. Herbal remedies are not like pharmaceutical drugs, they work to rejuvenate the body tissues and organs. This is the power of medicinal plants as we know throughout thousands of years of human history.

Gaia Garden holds customer participation events like Herbal Walks throughout the year, and let their customers know on their Facebook page


This chocolate cake was healthy and delicious, as were the Aussie Bites which I now have the recipe for.

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Some of the Things You’ll Find in the Store

Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary sells a wide selection of dried organic herbs and teas, as well as tinctures and extracts, essential oils, healing stones, aura sprays, plus much more.

They offer over 280 Organic or Wild Crafted herbs and over 200 herbal tinctures, along with a wide array of therapeutic tincture formulations and tea blends, which can be made for you on request.

They also have candles, chakra jewelry, aromatherapy, organic soaps, Himalayan salts and dead sea salts.

Their mission is to empower people to heal themselves in natural ways.

Susanne2 The Biopulsar Reflexology Technology

I had a Biopulsar-Reflexology reading of my chakras with Susanne Murphy (pictured here). She is a certified Biopulsar Analyst.

The Biopulsar Aura software reads from 49 reflex zones on the palms of the hands, which are placed on gold plated sensors, and the bio-energetic information gathered from the pressure points on the hands is fed to the software, which then produces a reading on the state of each of the body’s organs and glands.

This technology is based on the understanding that our organs have a consciousness that stores our emotions, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Whatever we think and feel resonates with certain parts of the brain, which are in turn linked to various body organs. When these organs begin to develop dis-ease, we can trace it with the Bio-pulsar Reflexograph as it shows up in our chakras, our meridians, and the electrical aura around our bodies.

Reading What Can Biopulsar Reflexology Show You About Yourself?

The Biopulsar Reflexograph shows the colours in an Aura reading of the body. They are displayed in a vibrant, moving visual representation, which gives a clear depiction of what is happening in real time in your body. You view the aura colours around your body on the computer screen.

Susanne explained that every colour is connected to a physical condition as well as an emotion. The Biopulsar analyzes your physical health, and tells you which areas of the body are weak, so you can correct imbalances and alleviate symptoms before they develop into full blown dis-ease.

The Biopulsar also alerts you to any emotional, mental and spiritual blockages in your system. Once you know about these, you can take steps to remove them, and that frees up your available energy.

Having regular Biopulsar readings gives you a picture printout of your health at any one time, thus allowing you to look in on the state of your health, and compare your scans over time.

Susanne offers Free readings on Sundays at Gaia Gardens if you’d like to sample a quick reading of your own electromagnetic field on the Biopulsar Reflexograph.

The Biopulsar can be used as an alternative therapy that compliments medical consultations with qualified health or medical practitioners.

Here is Susanne Sharing How She Does a Biopulsar Reading

Drop Ins or Appointments

You can make an appointment with a Master Herbalist at Gaia, who will determine which herbs or herbal formulations will be most helpful with treating your particular health needs. You can also sample the Tea of the Day, and have a chat with the knowledgeable staff who are all trained herbalists.

Gaia Garden is now offering a range of health and wellness services for those who wish to drop by and take advantage of this one-stop shop for your health needs.

Herbal Walks to Explore Locally Growing Herbs

Upcoming events include their new Herbal Walks, where accompanied by practicing Gaia Herbalists, you will explore how to identify edible medicinal herbs, growing right here in the city. Learn how to harvest and integrate these local plants into your diet.

The walks are scheduled for these locations:
Jericho Park Sunday April 3rd 1-2:30pm
Burnaby Lake Saturday April 23th 1-2:30pm
Stanley Park Saturday May 14th 1-2:30pm
Lighthouse Park Saturday June 4th 1-2:30pm

COST: $20 per walk or sign up for all 4 and save $10