Reasons to Seek Healing Through Hypnosis

  1. Life transitions: death, divorce, job loss, retirement, lack of direction in life, spiritual crisis.
  2. Trauma and flashbacks: around trauma at any time in your life, early childhood memories that haunt you, sexual abuse, regrets. Get to the bottom of these troublesome haunting thoughts & eliminate them.
  3. Anxiety & Stress: fears, worry, panic feelings, self-esteem and self-confidence issues.
  4. Phobias: fear of heights, flying, spiders, germs, the opposite sex, having a child etc.
  5. Missing Information About Current Life: Adoption Information, suspected child molestation, angry father/mother, mystery around the date or place of birth, inability to feel love, to mention only a few of the many things you can have access to. For some this is the only reliable way to uncover sensitive information.
  6. Personal Growth: Why am I here? What is my life purpose? Why can’t I be happy and contented with my life? What is the meaning of my life? Where do I go from here? Some people become ill because they cannot find out what it is that they are here for. These questions are on the minds of most people today.
  7. Desire for Physical or Emotional Resolution: Maybe you have a persistent illness. Could it be rooted in your past? The origins of physical ailments that persist and resist conventional treatment can possibly be found in our past. Your subconscious will tell you if your disease can be cured. Sometimes it is part of your life purpose. Either way, you will reach a clearer understanding in your own mind of why the condition is present in your life and what steps you need to take to let it go.
  8. Questions about Challenging Personal & Work-Related Relationships: Why do I have an aversion to some people for no good reason? Why do I continually seek out the same type of relationships that are no good for me? Understanding challenging relationships in your life is critically important.

What kinds of Issues can Regression Therapy Help With?
There are many things buried deep in our subconscious that for some reason, known only to the subconscious, are unavailable to the conscious mind. As we get older, these things may start to come to the surface in the form of various behaviors, or health issues that interfere with normal functioning. Once we can reach into the subconscious and talk with it, we can find out what is going on, and move past it to full functioning.

For example, here are some areas you might seek help in:

  • Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), early childhood trauma, sexual abuse, flashbacks, worry, grief, anxiety, fears, panic, difficulty sleeping
  • Self-esteem issues: inferiority complex, shyness, social anxiety
  • Following the trail of your feelings back to the source of a problem that is in your life
  • Regression to past lives or life between lives, or just to have a talk with your inner wisdom, in order to find the source of repetitive patterns, blocks, physical, psychological and/or emotional problems
  • Career transitions: job loss, retirement, lack of direction, life purpose
  • Life transitions: bereavement, divorce, child loss
  • Spiritual crisis & spiritual development
  • Suspected Spirit Attachment

This therapy is client-centred and solution-focused using deep trance hypnosis. You are not always consciously aware of what is happening throughout the session. That’s why the sessions are recorded, so you can listen later.

Locating the source of your problem is the beginning of healing. There are no guarantees that your condition will be immediately healed. Healing can continue for several days, weeks or months after the session, as you allow the healing to come through. Please remember that “All healing is self healing“.

There are however ways that you can help in the healing process and prepare yourself before you arrive.
See: How can I help to release the condition that I have?

Remembering Past Lives

This video is a CBC investigation of Past Lives. Do they exist? In this video a man is regressed by a hypnotherapist who asks him for details about his past lives: his name, address, type of work he did. The information is traced by the investigator who tries to see if there is any historical evidence of the the lives that he talks about having.

A real estate agent named Bill recalls a life as a bootlegger in 1907 Chicago?
He also recalls a life as a Catholic Dissenter in Ireland who was critical of the church in the 1800’s.

The investigator and the man fly to Dublin to see if it feels real, and what can be uncovered. He finds that it looks exactly like his memories of it, even though he has never been there before.

Follow Bill as he goes back to the places of his past lives, and visits the city and buildings which still exist, which were meaningful to him in Dublin and finds a district in Chicago that resembles what he described under hypnosis.

He visits a part of a graveyard where the body of his previous incarnation may be buried. He knows he committed suicide in that life and he believes it saved him in his current life, from repeating the same fate. He has realized that there were other ways of getting out of an intolerable situation, without killing yourself.

He realizes a lesson that he had learned in that life may have saved his life in this current life.

It seems that the lives, that we view when we are in hypnosis, are brought to mind because they have something – some wisdom and understanding to teach us in the current life we are living.

Bill gives himself some advice that he can use in his current life too: “Just enjoy yourself, and if you make mistakes, so what!”

Deciding When to Come for Your Session?