Resources for Healing the Heart and Mind

Have you ever wondered what is waiting for us on the other side of the veil?
In hypnosis we can visit the other side and speak with our guides, our council of elders who have helped us plan this life. We can meet with our soul group and we can find the answers to many questions. Dolores Cannon shared the information she had gotten about the other side in her books and videos. The videos below give the perspectives of other people.

These two people happen to be lawyers. Now lawyers are known to be very logical and do not come out with something unless they can support what they say.

Garnet Schulhauser

Garnet Schulhauser practiced corporate law for over thirty years with two blue-chip law firms. After retiring in 2008, he began writing books. His first book, Dancing on a Stamp, was published in 2012. In this video he explains briefly how he came to his new career as an author and speaker, and what he has learned about the other side.

We have all chosen to come here to have experiences which are necessary for our evolution as souls. We choose the circumstances of our life beforehand, our name, the place of birth, the language we will speak, our parents, our siblings, spouse/partner, our relatives and friends, to help us with the challenges of our lives.

“The Source does not make rules for us to follow or manipulate events on earth, and there is no judgement or punishment after we die. There is no hell, and everyone returns to the spirit-side regardless of how we lived our lives on earth.”
~ excerpt from video

Nanci Danison

Attorney Nanci Danison is interviewed by Ted Henry of ABC News about her death, afterlife experience and memories. When Nanci died on March 14, 1994, she was told, she could stay on the other side, her life was over. But as she began to merge into the Source, she had a wish that all those she had left behind could somehow know what she had learned about the other side – that life and death are far simpler and glorious than we could ever imagine, that we are not what we think we are and our lives as humans are just the tip of the iceberg of our eternal existence. As she thought about this, Source offered her the gift of returning to share this with others.

Her pet peeve is that we are deprived of a lot of truth and are allowed to continue in our earthly existence under a cloud of deception and wrong thinking. She has written 3 books about this:
Backwards: Returning to the Source for Answers
Backwards Guidebook
Backwards Beliefs: Revealing Eternal Truths Hidden in Religion
These books and more videos are available on her website:

For more on Nanci see Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 of this series on Youtube.
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Articles on Healing Topics

Below are some healing resources you can easily use at home. Follow the links for helpful strategies to make your life better.

Understanding the Psychopathic Personality
Would you be able to recognize a psychopath if you met one? Most people would never know. In fact, their victims don’t know until it’s too late. Psychopaths are quite common in the workforce. Which jobs have the highest number of psychopaths? What is a corporate psychopath? Are you in a relationship with a psychopath? The signs of psychopathic behaviour. How to avoid becoming a victim.

Living with Soul Loss
Do you know what soul loss in our society is, how it feels, how to recognize it in yourself and others? If you are suffering from soul loss, know that all is not lost, that there is a chance for a better life. For once you realize what is going on, you can deal with the chaos that is created from it. Knowing this will put the power back into your hands to help you make the decisions you need to make for yourself and others.

Can Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Be Healed?
PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not just a dysfunction of war veterans who are continually reliving the horrendous experiences they have gone through while serving in the military. Those who have experienced abuse of any kind, especially as children, can be afflicted by recurring flashbacks, intrusive memories, and nightmares years after the initial incidents. How to move past these haunting memories and find peace in one’s life is the constant hope of those who suffer from PTSD. Here are the facts.

4 Strategies to Deflect Worry in Your Life
Use these 4 strategies to counteract the habit of worrying. You can minimize or even avoid the toll worrying takes on you by merely holding another view of things, the way you would like them to turn out. Learn how to do this.

Remember 95% of the things we worry about, never actually happen – and the other 5% – you probably couldn’t do much about anyway.

An Exercise for Releasing Fear From Your Life
Traditional Chinese Medicine says: “Emotional or physical pain asks only that we not reject it, but instead, invite it to reveal its secret to us.”

Fear enters your life to teach you something, and once you have learned that lesson, it has no reason to stay, and you can get rid of it. But to learn the lesson that fear has to teach you, you need to face it – to give it your full attention. Once fear has been seen, and you are aware of what it has been teaching you, then it will be ready to leave, and you can let it go.

is an exercise that effectively removes all fear from your life. It takes you step by step through the processing of fear to the point where you are able to let it go with love and find peace in your life.

How to Cope With Painful Memories From the Past
Are you being tortured by painful memories from your past?

For example: Do you have intrusive memories like these?
– Times when you did something you regretted. How many times you wish you had never done that or reacted a certain way!

- Times when you were abused or bullied – usually it was at a time in your life when you had no idea how it was impacting you. Now the recurrent memories make you feel like you’ve been scarred for life emotionally. When will the hurt ever end?

– Times when you were physically abused, and didn’t know how to defend yourself. You relive it over and over. Sometimes, it feels like you’re fighting for your life.

- Times when you become a lost, scared, crying child again. No one knows your secret life–hidden from everyone except your inner child.

– Times when you fume with anger about how no one loved you, believed you, or would intervene to help when things had gone terribly wrong. It continues to eat away at you. You battle to save some semblance of self-esteem and feel good about yourself. You sometimes hurt yourself and others.

What Can You Do to Ease the Pain? When the thoughts come, and the movie begins, here’s what to do.

Want to get rid of intrusive memories for good?
Sometimes it helps to revisit an early part of your life, or perhaps a past life. A quantum hypnosis session will allow you to do that.

Achieving Stillness in Your Life
Stillness is one of the major aspects of living with balance in your life. The question is how to find that stillness in the moment, as we are rushing around doing all those things that need to be done in a busy day. The key, is not to get caught up mindlessly in the mad rush, to remain somehow apart from it, to separate out who you are, even as you are part of it. So how can you still be part of it all, without getting lost in it, and losing your balance, mentally, emotionally and physically? Find out how here.

A Meditation to Focus Your Day
Are you feeling overwhelmed with life? Try this short meditation. It will allow you to feel settled and much more at ease with your day, by helping you to prioritize your goals and relax.

Visioning Your Day
Would you like to make the most of your day, to know exactly what you want to accomplish, where you are going and how to get there? Here are 3 steps to envisioning each day, that are easy to remember. Take charge of your time and you’ll feel like you have more of it.

The Temple of Healing Guided Meditation for Self Healing
Are you ready to receive healing at this soul level – to allow it to reach deep into your emotions, your feelings, your attitudes, your beliefs about yourself, about others and the world around you?

Receive a free copy of the Temple of Healing Guided Meditation with your first session.

Use these healing resources in the privacy of your own home, and feel better.