QHHT Services
Flat rate for QHHT Sessions of 3-5 hrs – $300 cash or cheque

Included with All QHHT Sessions:
– A video or audio recording of your session
– Free Follow-up Session upon request – (by phone)

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Hypnosis sessions must be in person.
All sessions are strictly confidential and private.

Choose from the Counselling Services below:
The descriptions below are meant to help you in deciding how to approach your appointment.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions
These sessions require 3-5 hours. You can return for a free follow-up session after your QHHT session whether in person or by phone. Some clients prefer to return periodically for a check-in to see how they are doing. This is completely your choice.

Others want to explore more deeply into different areas of their past. They can request further Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions for their own purposes.

QHHT is a comfortable look back through some of your past lives. It reveals what you learned from them and why you are being shown these lives. The lives you are shown usually have some relevance to your current life. They can help you answer any questions you may have about issues in your present life.

You can be taken to parallel lives, which are other aspects of yourself. You may also visit lives on other planets, in other dimensions or even future lives. Where you go and what aspects of yourself you visit, are all decided after you enter trance.

More on Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

Counselling Sessions – Open to anything you wish to discuss. Sometimes all you need is time to sit and talk about what’s on your mind, in order to begin the healing process and to feel better. These sessions typically take around 2 hours.

Meeting with Your Council of Elders
At the end of each lifetime we meet with our Spiritual Council, a group of elders whom you have planned your life with, before you came. We do this to find out how we are doing.

The whole reason we choose to come into life on earth is to grow and learn about compassion, kindness, and unconditional love on a planet where free will guides every choice we make. Meeting with our council allows us to get feedback on what we’ve learned, how we’ve helped people, how we’ve loved others, and even how we may have caused pain in their lives.

But now you don’t have to wait until the end of a lifetime before meeting with your spiritual council. You can have a session, where you intend to go to the spiritual realms and talk with this group of wise souls.

They will be able to shed light on your entire spiritual history and the way you are choosing to evolve. They may advise you on your present lifetime, remind you of the reasons you came here, and tell you if you are on-track with your life purpose and goals. They usually do not talk about the future because it could take those decisions out of your hands.

This session includes an in-depth examination of your issues in your current life, and your relationships with family and friends. It is aimed at reaching a new understanding, healing and resolution where needed, so you can get on with your life and not waste it. Do you feel called to speak with your Council?

Exploration of Health Issues
– Here the emphasis is on health issues that are of concern to you.
– Mental, emotional, physical, to find out what’s wrong with your health, identify hidden issues that may be present
– Get to the root cause of an illness and clear it up
– Determine the changes in your life that need to be made
– Discover what is interfering with the healing you need.

Answering Major Life Questions
Here the emphasis is on breaking through to new insights in your life.
– Why am I here?
– What is my life purpose?
– What is the best kind of work for me?
– Am I supposed to marry? When?
– Is the right person in my life right now?
– Why am I not at peace, unhappy in my life?
– Issues around bereavement, grief and loss, death and dying.

A Combination Session
You can have a session which is a combination of those described above, or just focus on one area. The goal is to find the answers to all your questions and concerns. The higher self is quite capable of directing the session to the right place where we can find the answers.

Note: Hypnosis is not like going to a psychic for a reading. It’s more of an opportunity to go within and get in touch with your higher self, your inner wisdom. You can find the answers to any questions you are ready to ask and receive the answers to. Each session is directed by your higher self and focuses on whatever needs to be done for your highest good, using any of the emphases described above, or you can request something specific that you are interested in.

Hypnosis is a relaxing way to find the answers to concerns that have been on your mind. The wonderful thing about these sessions is that they are not rushed. You can take your time and move at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Free Personal Consultation: If you are unsure or have questions as to whether counselling can help you, email your name and phone number for a personal consult.