Temple of Healing Guided Meditation

The temple of healing is a real place which exists outside of earthly time, in what we might call, the “eternal spheres”. It belongs to the realm of spirit. And it is easy for anyone who wishes to go there, to find their way to this place, simply by relaxing and opening their mind to the experience, using this Guided Meditation.

The Guardian of the Temple, waits there to receive those who come seeking healing, and is ready to escort them into an inner chamber which is filled with colors and light.

As you move through this meditation, you will first find yourself in the spacious gardens in front of the temple. The temple itself is constructed of a kind of white marble with an inner glow radiating from it – something similar to the welcoming light you might see emanating from a home in the countryside on a clear, moonlit night. The glow draws you towards it, and you feel no fear, in fact, it feels more like a joyous homecoming. The light in this place is different from the light we are accustomed to on earth. This is the light we experience when we pass over into the world of spirit.

The Chamber of Colors and Light
When you climb the steps, you will be met by the Guardian who will usher you into the great rotunda. It is filled with swirling colors, and holds healing energy in the form of light and sound.

The light flows and spins around you as you stand in the center of the chamber. You’ll also hear sounds which will come to you – matching and tuning into your natural vibration, the vibration of who you are. The colors have different vibrations that heal the body, according to its needs. Some need more of one color than another, or a combination of several complimentary colors.

Those who enter into this loving space are healed as they stand in the light that swirls around them, and relax in the peace and joy they find there. The waves of color and energy moving around the body, draw out the pain and disease, so the body is cleansed of the negative energy that was being held in it.

Healing Modalities of the Future
Color and sound healing are healing modalities that will be part of the future on earth. They will be used to restore the balance and function of bodies that have been taken out of alignment and balance through negativity and unconscious living.

All healing first takes place in the etheric levels around the body, just as all disease begins in these etheric energy fields and then shows up gradually in the physical body. When we know this, it makes it easy to receive healing on these etheric levels, knowing that this healing is sure to become part of your body.

How the Healing Happens
When you find yourself ushered into this place, you’ll know you have been accepted for healing. And that you are ready to receive it. The healing enters into your etheric energy field and from there, it is brought into your body.

Trust your ability to enter into the scenes that you are about to see.
Allow yourself to feel the emotions connected with the scenes without censoring them. Just let the scenes unfold and reveal what they have to tell you. Remember, you don’t have to understand what’s going on, in order to accept the healing light and love that is flowing to you. Be welcoming and receive the healing you need. This is a place of benevolent energies, who want to help you in every way they can.

Your Invitation
The guardian of this place has issued an invitation to all who are in need to come for healing to this place, even our pets. [Many thanks to John who reminded me of this, when he told me he took his sick dog with him into the Temple].

If you’d like to accept the invitation, this is the place you will be visiting. And remember you can return to this place as often as you wish. There is no recommended number of times, because everyone is different with different needs. So you can seek your own inner guidance on how often to use it.

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Are you ready to receive healing at this soul level – to allow it to reach deep into your emotions, your feelings, your attitudes, your beliefs about yourself, about others and the world around you?


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Note: The temple of healing is described in the works of Dolores Cannon, especially “Between Death and Life“.

To get a copy of her book: “Between Death and Life” go to: The Bookstore and scroll to page three. Click on the ebook.