• “I appreciate your open-hearted, kind and gentle guidance. Today is another confirmation that I hold the key of my life. And I can go on with love, not with fear or doubt.”
  • “OMG! I have this feeling that I’ve never felt before. Is this what it feels like to be happy? Do other people feel like this?”
  • “I’m impressed and I don’t impress easily. I’ve spent years in psychotherapy and I come here and in 2 hours a huge amount of stuff just drops away.”
  • “The words to describe Mary would be a teacher, intuitive guide, fellow traveler, and confidant of the soul.”
  • “Thank you so much Mary,  I will never, ever forget the experience we shared, and I enthusiastically recommend you to all others in my life.”
  • “I must say that this was the most powerful experience I have ever had. I never imagined what could happen here. I feel healed in my heart. And I know it not only in my mind but in my heart too. It’s real, not just words. I truly believe I was in another dimension. Mary was so gentle and calm, that going through this experience felt so very safe. She was the guiding light through this amazing journey.”

  • “I thank you so very much for the exceptionally warm and powerful spiritual work you have done with me. I know that you deeply honor the Beings that guide and move through us, as do I. However, I also acknowledge that you, yourself, have cultivated a radiant light of your own, through all of your years of devotion and study. Since our session, I have felt much lighter and freer, in closer touch with my Higher Self and better able to centre into quiet reflection.”
  • “Once in a while, if we’re lucky, we have an experience where the curtains part and we know ourselves and others as we truly are – Divine Spiritual Beings. My experience with Mary was one of those wonderful and powerful spiritual experiences.”
  • “I suspect there were multidimensional ‘stirring ups’ going on behind the scenes that we weren’t privy to at the time of the session, because there’s no question I’ve been catapulted into another phase of my awakening. My daily ‘stillness sessions’ have been longer than usual and the clarity of ‘insights’ coming through have been amazing.

    At this time Mary, I can really only say how grateful I am that it was you that played a role in this experience. I knew it would have had to be someone intelligent, and with a mature, conscious mind, to go on this type of pilgrimage with, I just didn’t realize I needed someone so soft-hearted and gentle as well.”  

General comments from clients after a session

“I feel less alone. I have a deeper feeling of connectedness to life.”
“I’ve experienced healing in my relationships.”
“I have a general sense of peace, well-being and contentment.”
“I feel more confident that I’m not wasting my life.
“I have a greater sense of purpose in my life.”

“More faith in the future. I’m feeling more optimistic about being able to influence my future, in the way I want it to go.”
“I’m happier and feel a greater satisfaction with life in general.”
“The depression has lifted. That feeling of hopelessness, and sadness, is not there anymore. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I’ve been able to let go of my grief. I have an inner assurance that all is as it should be. I can now move on with my life.”
“I feel more able to handle the stress, or at least to make decisions that will make a difference.”
“Others can see positive changes in me.”

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